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Collecting coins or numismatics existed and fascinated people since the time of Roman Empire. Collecting gold coins though was not as popular or popularised as it was affordable only for reaches and nobles, considering the value of gold coins. With all recent gold prices jumping up and not very much down, the present time is still most favourable for collecting gold coins. Just consider the value of say for example a gold sovereign - it was a good capital in 19th century and now you can buy it for a few hundred dollars, which is not cheap, but much more affordable than at that time. And even better if you had a good source were you could hunt for good deals. And here our Gold Coins Shop comes in a view. Gold Coins Shop is a website dedicated to gold coins. You will find all kind of information for all kind of gold coins, including mintage, years of issue, their weights and sizes, history behind some gold coins, and their pictures and photographs. And even more important you will find auctions for gold coins that currently listed on ebay. The Gold Coins Shop site is organized into categories and sub-categories and further into sub-sub-categories, so you can navigate easily around and narrow down your searches exactly to subjects of your interests. Below you will see main categories of the gold coins available on our site.

US Gold Coins

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US Gold Coins section is divided into sub-categories for each of the seven denominations minted by the US Mint for circulation in the United States. The list of US Gold Coins includes: $10 Eagle, $5 Half Eagle, $2.5 Quarter Eagle, $20 Double Eagle, $3 Three-Dollar Piece, $4 Stella, and $1 Gold Dollar gold coins (the links will lead you to individual webpages for corresponding coins). US gold coins existed for over 200 years now and a great number of beautiful gold coins were produced during this time span. You can follow this link to go to the US Gold Coins section.

Bullion Gold Coins

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Bullion Gold Coins section will have categories and pages related to the US bullion gold coins. Foreign bullion gold coins are listed under corresponding countries (e.g. Gold Britannia coins are under UK Gold Coins, etc.). Bullion gold coins in this section include sub-categories for American Gold Eagle coins, First Spouse gold coins and American Buffalo gold coins. The ultimate purpose of bullion gold coins was always investments in gold, but recently some bullion gold coins were bought by collectors not for their gold values but for their appealing looks and attractiveness (e.g. early Gold Pandas were sold for over $3000) and thus started a whole new concept in numismatics - collectible bullion coins. You can follow this link to go to the Bullion Gold Coins section.

World Gold Coins

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World Gold Coins section has categories for gold coins minted in different foreign countries. As almost virtually each country ever existed (especially in 20th century) minted at least a few gold coins, it would be almost impossible to list them all here, unless we wanted to replicate a Krause gold coin catalogue. Thus, the number of countries represented on the Gold Coins Shop site is limited but it covers a good lot of popular ones. Currently including UK, Canada, Mexico, France, Russia, Germany, Australia, South Africa, Spain, Austria, and China. We have plans on extending the list of countries in the future, and will keep doing it gradually. You can follow this link to go to the the World Gold Coins section.

Ancient Gold Coins

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Ancient Gold Coins section currently has only three categories: Roman gold coins, Greek gold coins, and Byzantine gold coins. There're of course more to ancient gold coins, including ancient Incan and Mayan gold coins or ancient Persian and Chinese gold coins, but considering their availability and affordability, they're not currently organized in separate categories. You will see listings for them nevertheless in the main Ancient Gold Coins section if they're available. That's true that many good Ancient gold coins have found their place already in private collections and museums, but with recent findings in Europe and around the world, there's always a chance to find something interesting listed. You can follow this link to go to the Ancient Gold Coins section.

Gold Exonumia

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Gold Exonumia is a section where you can find rather unusual gold articles or gold coin-like objects that are related to coins, but not coins exactly. That would include tokens, elongated coins, encased coins, medals, counterstamped coins, and coins made of unusual materials such as wood, plastic, or porcelain, but the latter would rarely be included as we're mainly after gold articles. You can follow this link to go to the Gold Exonumia section.

Platinum Coins

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Platinum Coins section is not exactly fitting into the repertoire of the Gold Coins Shop website, but gold is precious and what can be more precious than gold - of course platinum, so we decide to have a little section dedicated to platinum coins. There were not too many platinum coins minted for circulation, but there're quite a few bullion platinum coins and we have pages for the following popular ones: American Platinum Eagle coins, Platinum Maple Leaf coins, Platinum Koala coins, and Platinum Panda coins. You can follow this link to go to the Platinum Coins section.

Numismatic Supplies

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Numismatic Supplies is a section where you find everything necessary for storing your coins and taking care of your precious collection. Obtaining a gold coin is just one step; having and keeping this coin in a good state is another. You will find in this category such essential items as coins albums and folder, coin pages, coin holders, and coin tubes. You can follow this link this link to go to the Numismatic Supplies section.

Gold Coin Books

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Gold Coin Books section has all reference materials necessary for gold coin collectors. All coin collectors or at least the one who's talking it seriously have coin catalogues and reference books for coins and section will help you to find better deals for them as they can be quite price if you go to a book store. You can follow this link to go to the Gold Coin Books section.

Gold Coins Shop is a portal site for ebay.com and all auctions and listings on this website are direct links to ebay auctions bid with confidence and safety.

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